[Videos] DDJ Analyst Sector Updates - Part 1

Posted on December 14, 2020

Interested in learning about the challenges and opportunities our senior research analysts are seeing within their respective high yield sectors? 

During our DDJ Virtual Investment Conference held in October 2020, our Senior Research Analysts provided in-depth video updates on the high yield sectors they cover. 

Stay tuned to next week's blog, when we will release 3 more analyst videos that cover these following sectors: Healthcare; Cable, Telecommunications & Satellite; Paper & Packaging and Building Materials. If you haven't already signed up to receive a notification when we release our market insights, please fill out the form on this page.  

To access the following analyst videos, please click here. 

Sameer Bhalla

Sameer Bhalla
Energy, Industrials and Chemicals 
Mr. Bhalla discusses why the firm is cautious on energy and the potential for a “perfect storm” to exacerbate the challenges that energy companies are dealing with. He also discusses relevant topics such as whether shale-based exploration and production companies can provide the necessary cash flows and return on invested capital to warrant investments in the space. 


Eric Hoff

Eric Hoff
Metals and Mining, Autos, Aerospace & Defense, Retail, and Consumer Products

Mr. Hoff discusses why the team tends to like metals and mining companies and what he believes to be DDJ’s edge in identifying these investments. He also discusses recent trends in the sectors that he covers, including an in-depth overview of the automotive sector.


Doug Wooden

Douglas Wooden
Technology, Media, Gaming, Lodging and Leisure

Mr. Wooden discusses the increasing relevance of the technology sector, as well as some unique aspects of sub-investment grade technology bonds. He cites examples of relatively higher growth companies as compared with more mature companies, and the types of business models currently favored by the team.

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