Looking for a Different Approach to High Yield Investing?

Posted on September 5, 2019

Welcome to the DDJ Blog.

Since their widespread issuance in the 1980s, high yield bonds have become an important component of investors’ asset allocations and have provided the financing necessary to support a large segment of our economy. Many investors in this space prefer the debt of well-known, larger-cap issuers that are often rated just below investment grade (e.g., BB-rated), but there are a myriad of opportunities in smaller, underfollowed issuers. Taking the time to analyze these often misrated and/or misunderstood companies and then having the ability to invest throughout their capital structures is one of the many ways that we employ a differentiated approach to creating alpha in this segment of the market for our clients.

DDJ Blog 1_High YieldAs traditional forms of communication have evolved towards social media and digital content, we deemed it necessary to change the way we communicate with our clients as well as anyone interested in our investment process, observations and outlook.  We trust this type of information will be useful to you when making investment decisions.

Going forward, we will be sharing:
  • Interviews and insights from our portfolio managers;
  • Areas in the market where we are finding value;
  • Data-driven graphs and statistics; and
  • Commentary around our performance, positioning, and market outlook.
If you find this information helpful or have questions, please let us know. We look forward to connecting with you.


The Team at DDJ Capital Management


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